3 Detailed Steps to Forgot Password in NBI Clearance Online Application

How to forgot password in NBI clearance online application? This is the most question of the applicants who forgot their password and most of them are looking for a simple solution rather than asking the NBI staff to fix their account.

The purpose of forgot the password in the NBI clearance online application is to retrieve the old password or either assign a new password to your existing email address that registered in the NBI Clearance online account. The forgotten password will immediately send to the email address that you assign, so make sure that your email address is active.

We all know that most of the time we forgot our email or password that we register in our NBI Clearance account. Since we rarely open our NBI clearance account, we forgot what we register on it.

Last Update: May 30, 2020

Provide the basic requirements before you do the forgot password in your NBI Clearance Online Application. It may help you easily do the registering or forgetting the password in your account.


  • Old Email Address, it’s either Gmail, Yahoo mail or Hotmail.
  • Old NBI Clearance (Optional)
  • New Email Address which registered either Gmail, Yahoo mail or Hotmail.


1. Forgot Password

Sometimes, we accidentally forgot the password of our NBI Clearance account. If that happened, click the “Forgot Password” button.

NBI Clearance Forgot Password 12. Insert Email Address

Put your email address, so the NBI Clearance server will automatically send the reset password in your email address.

NBI Clearance Forgot Password 2

3. Email Address

The NBI Clearance Services will send the request for a new password in your email address.

NBI Clearance Forgot Password 3

You are now successfully reset your password and continue to log-in to your account on the NBI Clearance Online website.

But if you also forgot your email address and you want to renew your NBI clearance online application, you need to register again with a new email address.


If you forgot the email address that you register in your NBI Clearance account, you need to register again with a new email address. But don’t worry, since you have your old NBI clearance, the number stated in the NBI ID No. will be your reference to renew your application form.

1. NBI Clearance Registration

Check the “YES” box if you have the old NBI Clearance issued from 2014 to the present. Fill out the registration form with your complete name, mobile number, birth date, and lastly your old NBI Clearance ID Number.

NBI Clearance Paper
NBI Clearance ID Number

NBI Clearance Email Address 1

2. Enter New Email Address

Now enter your mobile number, new email address, and password. If you’re done to fill-out all the details in registration, check the terms of services and the captcha button.

Automatic Rapid Arrow Turret

Congratulation! you have created a new account in NBI Clearance with a new email address. You can now renew your NBI clearance application.



  1. guys any help on resetting on my nbi account. li received an email from nbi to reset my nbi password login. but the problem is the website is not working its say web IP-address is not working. maybe the system is down. i am planning to renew my nbi. can somebody help me.

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