Advantage of Paying NBI Clearance Application in 7-Eleven

Paying the NBI Clearance Application in 7-Eleven is the other simple way to have the appointment schedule completed. There are a lot of ways to pay the NBI application using online banking, remittances, bank over-the-counter, etc. But most of the NBI clearance applicants do not have a bank account or avoiding remittances and they want a fast transaction.

The 7-Eleven uses Cliqq Kiosk Machine for the payment method in the NBI clearance online application, but don’t worry it is a friendly user for those non-techy people that’s why lots of the applicants use this method rather than spend their time to fall in line in remittances, banks or Bayad centers.

But before I teach you the step-by-step procedure in “How to pay NBI clearance application in 7-Eleven, I want to let you know that if you have not yet applied and got an appointment scheduled in your NBI Clearance Online Application, you must better to learn this method in how to get NBI Clearance Online Application for Beginners. I already told everything you have to know about that, so you must check it out.

Okay, so now let us begin this topic and remember to write the reference number on a piece of note. Do not also forget to prepare ₱155.00 for the NBI Clearance Application and ₱15.00 for the 7-Eleven service charge.


1. 7-Eleven Outlet with Cliqq Kiosk Machine

All the 7-Eleven branch outlets have available Cliqq Kiosk Machine, but you must ask their staff if the kiosk machine is working. I mean, if there has an internet connection because base on my experience there was a time that their kiosk machine has a system problem or under maintenance. Yet, some 7-Eleven outlets do not have cliqq kiosk machine available, so much better you have another option for the 7-Eleven outlet. Try to check their available outlet all over the Philippines using the 7-Eleven Philippines Store Locator.

NBI Clearance Online Application in 7-Eleven 1

2. Cliqq Kiosk Machine

Now, you already found the 7-Eleven outlet, find their kiosk machine or ask their staff where is it. In cliqq kiosk machine screen (this machine is touch screen operated), Look for:

A. BILLS PAYMENTIt placed on the left side of the screen, tap the bills payment icon.

B. NBI CLEARANCE LOGO – It placed on the right side of the screen, tap the NBI icon.

NBI Clearance Online Application in 7-Eleven 2

3. Bills Payment Information

A new page screen will show by cliqq kiosk machine, in this screen you will need to enter the details of your online payment for the NBI Clearance. Remember to check twice your NBI clearance online payment details in your NBI account.

Here is the information that you need to enter for the bills payment.

  • NBI Clearance Reference Number
  • Contact Number
  • Amount (Exact Amount)

Important Notice: Avoid making mistakes during entering your reference number in cliqq kiosk machine, If ever happened this, and you already paid the incorrect reference number, you cannot refund the payment since it’s already encoded on their system.

NBI Clearance Online Application in 7-Eleven 34. Verify Payment Information

Now, you’re done to enter everything, the cliqq kiosk machine will show you all the details you provide, just to make sure you double-check the reference number before you tap the next option.

As you see in the image below, the amount for the NBI clearance application is ₱155.00 plus an additional charge provided by 7-Eleven is ₱15.00 for the total of ₱170.00.

Back – press the back option if you mistype or any wrong details that you enter.

Next – Tap the next option if you’re ready to print your slip.

NBI Clearance Online Application in 7-Eleven 45. Payment Slip

After pressing the next option, the cliqq kiosk machine will dispense the printed payment slip. You need to get this, so you’re able to show this once you pay it into the cashier personnel.

If the cliqq kiosk machine didn’t dispense a payment slip, just ask for the 7-Eleven personnel to assist you and they will help to manage the problem in their kiosk machine.

NBI Clearance Online Application in 7-Eleven 5Important Reminder: Do not forget to keep the official receipt for the NBI Clearance application that you already pay in the 7-Eleven. It will need the official receipt to present in the NBI clearance office.

Frequently Ask Question

1. What will happen if I entered an incorrect NBI clearance reference number?

Answer: If you accidentally encode an incorrect reference number in the kiosk machine, you need to re-encode the entire process and start from the beginning where you entered the reference number, contact number, and the amount.

After that, double-check again all the details you entered. If all the process is finished, get the payments slip and proceed to the cashier personnel. This only applies if you haven’t paid the NBI clearance payment slip in the 7-Eleven cashier.

2. How much the total payment for my NBI Clearance in 7-Eleven?

Answer: As you can see on your NBI Clearance Online account, the application fee is ₱130.00 plus ₱25.00 for the system fee. Yet, there is an additional fee worth ₱15.00 charge if you pay in 7-Eleven.

  • NBI Clearance Fee – ₱130.00
  • System Fee – ₱25.00
  • 7-Eleven Charges – ₱15.00

The total amount that you need to pay in 7-Eleven should be ₱170.00.

3. What if I paid the incorrect NBI clearance reference number? What should I do?

Answer: If you accidentally didn’t check the reference number that you entered and you already paid in the 7-Eleven cashier personnel. Coordinate with the NBI clearance office and ask them to help you with the payment you’ve made to an incorrect reference number. Try to explain what happened and show them your reference number and the official receipt that you already paid in 7-Eleven.

The NBI clearance will check your incorrect reference number if that already exists or not on their system. However, only the NBI staff will decide if your case should be accepted or not. That’s why you need to double-check again and again the reference number that you entered the Cliqq Kiosk Machine before you pay in 7-Eleven.

4. What’s the next should I do after I pay the NBI Clearance in 7-Eleven?

Answer: After payment, check the status of your NBI Clearance Online Account. After you log in to proceed to “transactions” and check that status if it’s already “paid“. Ideally, the cliqq kiosk and 7-Eleven process your payment in real-time. That means after several minutes, your NBI clearance transaction status from “pending” will change to “paid” But because of the high volume of transaction process by NBI clearance online, few NBI clearance applicants encounter a delay in the update of status. Be patient and wait for it to change. You may leave the NBI Clearance website for a while and open it some other time.

5. Do I have to keep my 7-Eleven receipt?

Answer: Yes, you need to keep the official receipt of your NBI clearance and you will use this for your future reference. In case the status of your NBI clearance account did not change from “pending” to “paid” you have proof to show in NBI Clearance office.

You should also inquire in 7-Eleven outlet about your payment transaction if already processed. Show them your cliqq receipt and ask them if their system already confirmed with it.

Lastly, Call the NBI Clearance help desk 0917-9999421 for the globe and 0920-4129999 for the smart, ask for their assistance about your paid reference number.

6. What should I do If I lost my 7-Eleven NBI Clearance receipt?

Answer: Don’t worry, if you have encountered a problem like this, as long as your reference number transactions status is already paid, it does not require you to present it during your visit to the NBI clearance office.

If you lost it, there is no additional payment for this. The payment receipt from 7-Eleven is not requirements, but just to be sure, just keep it as your reference.

7. The Cliqq Kiosk Machine shows “Not Connected”, what does it mean?

Answer: If you encounter an error shows “Not Connected” in cliqq kiosk machine, it means that the machine is unable to connect or unavailable for the meantime. Try to find another 7-Eleven cliqq kiosk machine that has a connection you pay your NBI clearance transactions.



  1. I got the reference number last Friday and said to pay before July 30. I tried paying today but it said the number was already expired. What should I do?


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