Simple Way to Change the Last Name in NBI Clearance for Married Women

Common problems to get an NBI Clearance is to change the last name in NBI Clearance for married women. Basically, this topic is for those women applicants that want to renew their NBI Clearance, but they recently married and need to update their surname in all documents and IDs including their NBI Clearance.

This guide will help you with the exact procedure to change your last name in your NBI Clearance application. The NBI Clearance Online Application is very important, especially for employers that want to update their employee’s requirements.

Requirements in NBI Clearance for Married Women

The NBI Clearance requirements for those married women are still the same with normal requirements for new applicants. So if your application is for NBI Clearance Renewal, make sure you have the old NBI Clearance No. that stated in the lower-left part of your NBI clearance certificate. Actually, the renewal of your NBI clearance is not required for the changing of your last name. I want you to be aware of that.

Do not forget the basic requirements that you needed for applying your online application. However, additional requirements that need to submit to those married women and I will discuss why you need these following requirements.

Basic Requirements for NBI Clearance

  1. Valid IDs – Prepare and bring at least two (2) valid government-IDs.
  2. Online Appointment – It requires having an online appointment on the NBI Clearance website, where you will select a schedule for an appointment to your NBI Clearance Online Application.
  3. NBI Payment – Pay the NBI Clearance for ₱155.00 only. Learn more about the details of the NBI payment method.

Additional Requirements

  • Bring the (MC) Marriage Certificate in (SECPA) Security Paper issued by the (PSA) Philippine Static Authority or (CTC) Certified True Copy of Marriage Certificate issued by the (LCR) Local Civil Registration and duly authenticated by (PSA)
  • Bring Old NBI Clearance (if available)

Change the Last Name in NBI Clearance for Married Women

Let’s say there are additional requirements to change the last name in NBI Clearance for married women, although in the process is still the same, I cannot consider that this process applies for NBI Renewal because your last name will still carry in the old one. Yet the last name stated in your old NBI clearance is cannot be modified.

I’m sorry to say that you need to get or apply for a new NBI Clearance Online Application. It will help you get the certificate easily.

So let’s begin, changing your last name in the NBI Clearance is easy, just create a new account on the NBI Clearance office website. It’s better to provide a new e-mail account since you cannot use the old e-mail account because it’s already registered in your old NBI Clearance.

1. Online Registration

Register your NBI Clearance online account on their official website at

NBI Clearance for Married Woman 1On the main page, check the “NO” box for signing up for the new application. Then enter your current “full maiden name” (Apelyido ng pagkadalada) and your husband’s surname.

2. OneTime-Password (OTP)

A window will pop-up on the NBI Clearance website, it will ask One-Time-Password (OTP) and it will send in your e-mail address or it will send in your mobile number.

NBI Clearance for Married Woman 2

This is the sample of One-Time-Password (OTP) that will send in your e-mail address. Make sure that your current e-mail address is active.

NBI Clearance for Married Woman 3Note: Sometimes One-Time-Password (OTP) experiencing delay to generate that causes by the NBI server traffic. Check your email occasionally for the One-Time-Password (OTP) that the NBI Clearance will send to your email.

3. Information Profile

Enter and complete all your personal details for the new application. Make sure you enter your husband’s surname and spouse’s birthplace.

NBI Clearance for Married Woman 4The applicant details contain your full maiden name, contact details, and family background.

4. Appointment & Payment

Set an appointment for your NBI clearance online application. After you choose the assigned date, six choices of payment options are available on the right side of your windows. Choose a convenient one for you.

NBI Clearance for Married Woman 55. Date of Appointment Schedule

When your date of appointment is come, do not forget to bring all the requirements I mention above, also bring the official receipt for the payment of your NBI Clearance. You can choose the six types of payment methods that I made for you.

6. Photo Capturing and Biometrics

Once everything is ready, talk with someone inside the facility of the NBI Clearance like security personnel or staff officers and they will assist you in the photo capturing and biometrics.

Do not forget that you are applying for a new application, it has a possibility that your application will show “HIT” or “NO HIT” if you want to know why? Read my article here.

7. Releasing

If your application has no problem, they will release it within a day. Check everything in your NBI application, birthdate, address, name, and purpose before you leave in the NBI clearance premises. That’s it! Everything has changed for your new NBI clearance certificate, including your new surname.




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