NBI Clearance Online Application for OFW

The NBI Clearance Online Application for OFW or Overseas Filipino Workers is an application requires to be a part of their requirements that need to submit before leaving the country.

This is the reason why do you need this document when you’re already out of the country.

  1. If you want to migrate to another country while working in a foreign country.
  2. If you want to live permanently in the country where you currently work.

If you are in the other countries, applying or renewing for the NBI Clearance is possible even without you during the scheduled appointment in the Philippines.

Here are two reasons why it is possible:

  1. Authorized Bearer – In this scenario, you can ask your family, relatives, and friends to be a proxy that can process your NBI clearance. Be sure you provide the Authorization Letter for NBI Clearance with your photocopy of ID and signature.
  2. No Authorized Bearer – This option does not require an authorized bearer. Basically, you need to submit your requirements to the Philippines embassy in your host country. The embassy will allow you to do the online appointment and they send all the documents to the NBI Clearance processing center in the UN manila main office.

How to Apply and Renew the NBI Clearance Online Application for OFW With Representative

1. Prepare the Credentials



For New Applicants:

  • Get the NBI Form No. 5 or Fingerprint form that you can get from the Philippine Embassy or Consulate. You can also ask your family or friend to get the application form at the NBI UN avenue branch and forward it to you.
  • Duly signed Letter of Authorization, in case you have a representative.
  • Passport photocopy, including the latest stamp of departure.
  • Latest or at least 3months old of 2×2 ID picture with white background.
  • Valid IDs provided by your host country.

For Renew Applicants:

  • Old original NBI clearance form.
  • NBI Form No. 5, this is not a mandatory requirement
  • Duly signed Letter of Authorization, in case you have a representative.
  • Passport photocopy, including the latest stamp of departure.
  • Valid IDs provided by your host country.

2. Online Registration

Visit the NBI official website to register online or if you don’t know how just check this simple guide on how to make NBI Clearance Online Application.

NBI Clearance Online for OFW 1

  • Check “YES” if you have an NBI Clearance issued from 2014 to the present.
  • Check “NO” for a new applicant.

3. Received OneTime-Password (OTP)

You will receive an OneTime-Password (OTP) that will send via e-mail.

NBI Clearance Online for OFW 2

4. Creating a Profile Account

Once you’re done to create your profile account, submit and apply your profile account. Just to make sure you used “PASSPORT ID” as your valid ID.

NBI Clearance Online for OFW 34. Payment & Reference Number

Make a payment, depending on what you preferred or your representative preferred for the payment method. A “Reference Number” will show, and you need to keep it.

NBI Clearance Online for OFW 45. Submit the Documents

Your authorized person must proceed directly to the Mailed Clearance Section on the 3rd floor of the NBI Clearance Building on UN Avenue, Manila.

Make sure that your authorized person must bring his/her valid ID, the reference number for your online application, and your authorization letter for NBI Clearance with signature.

The reference number that you gave to your authorized person will verify to the main office, so don’t worry to pay again for your online application.

6. Mailing and Stamped Issuance

Your authorized person should claim your NBI Clearance in the main office or they should deliver it on the mailing address of your representative. It is also very important that your NBI Clearance has a dry seal before you receive it.

Once you received, proceed to the Philippine Embassy or Consulate to have your NBI Clearance stamped.

How to Apply and Renew the NBI Clearance Online Application for OFW Without Representative

The procedure for this guide is still the same to have an authorized person. The difference is you need to submit all the credentials directly to the NBI Clearance Main Office in the UN Avenue Metro Manila.

1. Credentials

Prepare all the credentials needed for the NBI Clearance. The requirements are still the same, with or without a representative.

You need to pay ₱200.00 for a bank draft or attach a money order to the NBI Director.

2. Mail the Credentials

You should send your credentials to this mailing address:

Mailed Clearance Section
3rd Floor, NBI Clearance Bldg., UN Avenue, Ermita, Manila

3. Online Registration

Create your NBI Clearance Online Application, if you have an existing account and you want to renew, skip the registration. Just log in to your account.

4. Apply or Update for Clearance

After you log in to create your account profile or edit the profile to update. Then click the “Apply for Clearance“.

Remember, skip the online appointment since you do not have any representative that will process your application to the NBI Office on UN Avenue.

5. Payments

Pay the NBI clearance corresponding fees. A reference number will prompt on your screen, note it.

6. Processing of the Application

NBI Clearance Application process often takes five days. It takes time to verify the application from the time the agencies received it. Check always your NBI Clearance status in your account website.

7. Mailing of the Documents

Once your application approved, the NBI clearance will send it to you. Check every detail if correct and also check if it has a dry seal before you bring in the Philippines Embassy for verification.




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