The Proven Ultimate Guide for NBI Clearance Online Application 2020

NBI Clearance Online Application is a Philippine certificate issued by the National Bureau of Investigation. The clearance testifies the personal information of the person if it has a pending criminal case.

It is a legal and secure proof of identity that may use in any transactions such as for employment, business permit, claiming application in SSS, or other government agencies and it may also be used to apply for a new bank account.

Here in the Philippines lots of public and private employers require having the NBI Clearance certificate, the purpose is to identify the personal background of their applicants if they have a pending criminal case by the authority. But, as the same as all certificates in the Philippines, the NBI Clearance has only one-year validity. So make sure to use your NBI clearance before it reaches the expiring date.

Last Update: June 10, 2020

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The traditional NBI Clearance application process is difficult and time-consuming to have since you need to take a lot of transactions by falling-in-line in different windows, filling out a form, proceeding to photo capturing with biometrics, payment, and lastly, wait to call you for the releasing of your application. It is also stressful for the traffic that you spend on the road to get into any NBI branch offices.

Luckily, the NBI Clearance Online Application this 2020 is easier and more convenient to apply, It is because of the NBI recently launched their entirely online application by registering on their website including the NBI Clearance Online Renewal. After filling out the application online and get the reference number. All you need to do is show up in any NBI branch offices to verify your online application form.


Signing-up is one of the basic requirements before you apply for your NBI Clearance Online Application. Remember that you need to prepare the following list for the online application.


  • Computer, Laptop or Mobile Phone
  • Wifi Internet or Mobile Data
  • E-mail Address (Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and Hotmail)
  • Government Valid-ID
  • Old NBI Clearance for Renewal (Optional)


1. Go to NBI Clearance Website.

Proceed to the NBI Clearance website at and check the box “NO” for the new applicant that does not have issued the NBI Clearance from 2014 to the present.

NBI Clearance Online Registration

2. Fill out the NBI clearance online application form.

Fill out the required fields in the application form including the gender, civil status, birth date, complete name, mobile number, e-mail, and assigned password. Then check the “BOX” for the “terms and services” with the “captcha button“.

NBI Clearance Online Registration 2

3. Receive the OTP in the E-mail or via SMS.

After the registration, NBI Online Services will send “OneTime-Password (OTP)” in your current e-mail address.

NBI Clearance Online Registration 3

Note: Most of the time, if you didn’t receive immediately the OTP in your e-mail because of some delay or an error. You can re-send the OTP to the mobile number you registered earlier via SMS.

NBI Clearance Online Registration 5

4. Account Log-in

After the successful registration in NBI Clearance Website, you can now log-in by using the e-mail address and password that you provide. Then click “sign-in“.

NBI Clearance Online Registration 6

5. Complete the NBI Clearance Profile.

Complete all the required details in the profile application form. Including:

Complete Name, Gender, Nickname, Civil Status, BirthDate, Birth Place, and Citizenship.

Complete House Address, Mobile Number, and E-mail Address.

Father’s Name with Father’s Birth Place and Mother’s Name with Mother’s Birth Place.

Educational Attainment, Occupation, Religion, Height (CM), Weight (KG), Complexion, and Identifying Marks.

Note: If you are douted about your private identity, just read the “Data Privacy Policy“.

Data Privacy Statement

Taking into account the NBI’s principle of Nobility, Bravery and Integrity, the public and other government agencies and branches can be assured that the personal data and other sensitive data they entrusted to the NBI shall be used with due diligence and prudence, for the sole purpose of issuing individual Clearance Certificate, which may include investigation of derogatory record pursuant to our mandate under RA 10867.

As such, upon accessing the NBI’s online registration site and availing of our services you acknowledge and agree that the information may be used and disclosed by the NBI in accordance with any legal and regulatory standards and in compliance with the “Data Privacy Act of 2012”.

Once you are done to filling out all the details needed. Just click the “Save Information“.

NBI Clearance Online Registration 7

6. Uploading Photo.

After you finish updating your profile details, “upload” your latest photo on the left side of the profile.

NBI Clearance Online Registration 8

7. Apply for Clearance.

Once your profile has completed, and you’re ready to proceed. Just click the “Apply for Clearance” on the right side of your window.

NBI Clearance Online Registration 9

8. Identification Requirements for NBI Clearance Online Application.

Before proceeding in the NBI appointment, the NBI online requires ID confirmation. For a better view, this is the list for the IDs that you need to bring in actual verification.

Type of ID

  • UMID (SSS and GSIS)
  • Passport
  • PhilHealth
  • Voter’s ID or Certificate of Registration
  • BIR
  • PRC License
  • Birth Certificate authenticated by PSA
  • Driver’s License
  • Pag-ibig ID (NOT the Loyalty Card)
  • Postal ID
  • Certification from the Local Civil Registrar
  • Certification from Malacañang in connection with Indigenous Groups, Tribal Membership, Foundling
  • Solo Parent ID
  • Company ID – Government Employees
  • Police Clearance issued by police station where the applicant is a resident of the station’s jurisdiction
  • Seaman’s Book and SIRV
  • School ID together with current registration card
  • Senior Citizen ID
  • Marina

NBI Clearance Online Registration 10

In this sample, I chose the Driver’s License as my requirements and I enter my Driver’s License ID Number. After that, click the “I Agree” button.

NBI Clearance Online Registration 11


1. Choose the NBI Clearance Branch

Now select the NBI Branch near to you. In this sample, I chose Robinson’s Dasmariñas Branch Office.

NBI Clearance Online Registration 12

2. Select the Appointment Schedule in NBI Clearance Online

Appointment scheduling for the NBI clearance online application has two shifts morning and afternoon. But check if they’re still slots on that day.

The NBI clearance online application appointment schedule is not available during weekends, so you have choices from Monday to Friday.

NBI Clearance Online Registration 133. Choosing the Payment Option for Multi-Purpose Clearance

After you pick the particular appointment schedule, NBI online services will show the reference of your payment including the appointment schedule, additional fee, and total fee.

NBI Clearance Online Registration 14


1. Mode of Payment

There is six (6) type of payment that NBI’s offer for those applying the NBI Clearance Online Application.

  • Bank Over-the-Counter
  • Bayad Center Outlets
  • ECPay
  • Online Bank
  • Bayad Center Mobile App
  • 7-Eleven

NBI Clearance Online Registration 15

Reference Number Sample

If you’re complete to choose the payment method, a new window will be pop up and showing your reference number with the total amount fee. Do not forget to write in a piece of note, so you will never forget the reference number.

NBI Clearance Online Registration 16Note: This is the sample of my reference number under the Bayad Center. The NBI Clearance Fee amount is ₱130.00 plus ₱25.00 for system fee.

2. Overview of Payment Method

  • BANK OVER-THE-COUNTER –You can send the payment for NBI application in any bank like BDO Cash Deposit w/ ref, BPI Bills Payment, Metro Bank Cash Payment, RobinsonsBank Cash Payment, and UnionBank Cash Payment.

NBI Clearance Online Registration 17

  • BAYAD CENTER OUTLETS – If you have time to visit in any Bayad Center Outlets or LBC you can pay your online application using the reference number.

NBI Clearance Payment Bayad Center

  • ECPAY – Like Bayad Centers, ECPay or Electronic Commerce Payment is accepting payment with their partners like Petron Service Station, Pawnshops and many more.

NBI Clearance Bank ECPay

  • ONLINE BANK – You can send the payment through online banking with their bank partners such as BDO Internet Banking, BPI ExpressOnline/Mobile (Fund Transfer), Metrobankdirect, Maybank Online Banking, RCBC Online Banking, Unionbank Internet Banking, and UCPB Connect.

NBI Clearance Online Bank

  • BAYAD CENTER MOBILE APP – Another payment option is available for mobile users. You can download the Bayad Center Mobile App using an ios app store or google play store. Using the reference number or scan QR code you may able to pay using this application.

NBI Clearance Mobile App

  • 7-ELEVEN – Convenient store like 7-Eleven is now accepting payment for your NBI Clearance application. Just proceed to their 7-Eleven branches and show the reference number.

NBI Clearance Payment 711

  • GCASH PAY BILLS – The most convenient online payment for the NBI Clearance. Download the GCash app on your mobile phone or browse on their website at ““. If you want to learn more about gcash payment, check it out at How to Pay NBI Clearance Using GCash?

NBI Clearance GCash

3. Transactions Status

After you choose the payment method, On the left side of the website click the “Transactions” and It will show the reference number and the status details of the multi-purpose clearance.

In the image sample, you will see the delivery type is for pickup in my multi-purpose clearance, including the exact time and date that you process the application. The reference number is needed when you visit the NBI Clearance office branches and do not forget the appointment date that you need to process with your NBI clearance application.

NBI Clearance Bank Transactions

Note: Other payments will be charged at the payment centers for their service fee. For example, the 7-11 has additional charges for ₱15.00 for their service fee. So do not forget to bring some extra money.

4. Email Confirmation

After you pay the NBI Clearance Online Application in any payment center, a confirmation will be sent to the email address that you complete the payment to the pending transaction.


If you are ready to go to NBI Office Branches, do not forget to bring the following documents.


  • At least 2 valid identification cards
  • Reference number
  • NBI clearance official receipt
  • Extra money
  • Black pen

1. Photo and Fingerprint Scanning

The photo capturing will be used for your NBI Clearance application. Then place your fingers in the fingerprint scanning to record it in the NBI database.

NBI Clearance Photo Capturing and Fingerprint Scanning

2. Releasing

After the process it takes from 10 to 20 minutes, you just need to wait for your NBI Clearance Online Application that will be printed and an officer will call your name to give your NBI Clearance that you applied for.

NBI Clearance Releasing

In most other cases, there are two situations that you need to keep on your mind. The “NO HIT!” and “HIT!” status of your application before they release your NBI Clearance. Which means:

  • NO HIT! – The person has no pending case or no duplicate name on the NBI database.

NBI Clearance No Hit Status


  • HIT! – The person has a pending case or has a duplicate name on the NBI database.


1. Is the NBI Clearance for Travel or Local are available?

No, it is because all the issued NBI Clearance is “Multi-Purpose”. That means the Multi-Purpose NBI Clearance should accept any transaction to use it.

2. Is the NBI Clearance Renewal is available Online?

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