13 Basic Steps to Pay NBI Clearance Using GCash

NBI Clearance using GCash is now available, this is one of the easiest payment options in your NBI Clearance account. This is one of the easiest payment options in your NBI Clearance account. No need to go to any payment outlets in the Philippines, just download the Globe GCash application on your mobile phone and make a payment on it.

Registering in the GCash account is easy, all you have to do is prepare your government ID and a globe mobile number. If you’re ready, register your mobile number in gcash application, make it verified by sending your scanned government ID. After that, you can pay your NBI clearance using gcash and able to load money in your account.

Make sure that your NBI Clearance Online Application is ready, including the profile details, schedule appointment, and the transaction reference number before you pay it in your GCash account.

In GCash payment method, the new applicant and applicant for renewal are the same procedure of payment using their GCash Application. Just download the application in google play (Android) or App Store (IOS) using their mobile phones. GCash is also available in any web browser, just visit at gcash.com and make a payment.

Here are some few steps to pay NBI Clearance using GCash

1. Prepare the Reference Number

The reference number will be found under the transactions menu. Make sure you write in a piece of note for the reference number.

NBI Clearance Using GCash 1

2. GCash Login

After you register in GCash account, “Enter the 4-digit PIN” that you assign in your GCash account. then wait to proceed in your account.

NBI Clearance Using GCash 23. GCash Cash In

After you log in to your gcash account, make sure that your wallet has a remaining balance. If you don’t have, proceed to the “Cash In” menu to add additional money to your gcash wallet account.

NBI Clearance Using GCash 34. GCash Cash In Menu

Once you have entered the “Cash In” menu, you have four options to make transfer money to your gcash wallet account. It is you link your bank cards or cash in using Paypal account, bank over-the-counter, online banking, and remittances.
NBI Clearance Using GCash 4

5. GCash Available Balance

Now you have an available balance in your account, you are now ready to pay your NBI Clearance in GCash. Make sure you have more than ₱155.00 in gcash wallet.

NBI Clearance Using GCash 56. GCash NBI Pay Bills Menu

Once you’re ready to go, tap at the “Pay Bills” option.

NBI Clearance Using GCash 67. GCash Pay Bills

Under pay bills, proceed to “Government Menu“.

NBI Clearance Using GCash 78. GCash NBI Clearance Menu

Then tap the “NBI” menu. You can also tap the heart icon so it will be easy to find it next time.

NBI Clearance Using GCash 89. GCash Pay Bills Information

Add the details of your pay bills for the NBI. Including the Reference Number that should find in your NBI clearance account with your contact number, amount, and your email address.

Note: There is ₱40.00 additional payable mount as a service fee for NBI clearance using gcash online system.

NBI Clearance Using GCash 910. NBI GCash Confirmation

The next page will be the NBI confirmation from GCash. Double-check your reference number and other details if correct.

NBI Clearance Using GCash 10

11. Done Payment

You can now check your payment history in your email address and the NBI Clearance online application account. An official receipt will be sent to your assigned email address.

NBI Clearance Using GCash 1112. NBI Clearance Transactions History

Now check your transaction history in your NBI Clearance application account and you see that the status of your reference number has already paid.

NBI Clearance Using GCash 1213. Application Details for NBI Clearance

You can now print your reference details and make have a backup without an internet connection while you are in the NBI Clearance branch offices. The reference number status is already paid under NBI clearance using GCash pay bills, including the appointment schedule.

NBI Clearance Using GCash 13Final Thoughts: The NBI Clearance using GCash account is a more convenient payment of any bills, including the NBI Clearance application. In this way, you cannot waste your time falling-inline in any NBI clearance payment centers. I recommend this kind of online payment even though it’s not included in the NBI Clearance payment option.




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